If your motoring conviction came about due to you causing an accident whilst driving under the influence of alcohol, you will likely be facing significant costs due to your mistake. One of the consequences of driving whilst drunk and causing an accident might be the total loss of your car. It’s a common occurrence and, though you may not be able to drive it for a while due to a ban, the loss of your car as a result of an accident could see you significantly out of pocket as well. In some cases, your insurance could be made void which means you would have to cover the cost of any damage yourself. As and when you do eventually get your licence back and look to get back on the road, you will likely see the costs soar, which leads us tidily onto the next section of this guide for first time convicted drivers…

Car Payments

Depending upon your punishment, you may or may not have chosen to sell your old car if you received a ban and weren’t able to drive it or it was written off in an accident, and as such you might be looking for a new car. Getting a new car will be one of the first steps as you begin your motoring career for the second time, hopefully travelling in a more positive direction. When buying a new car, you may want to keep costs down, especially if you don’t have the cash to buy your new car outright, and you may have to rely on car payments to afford a new mode of transportation. You should think carefully about what type of car you get, not only to keep costs low in terms of car payments but to keep costs low in terms of your Convicted Driver insurance.

Insurance Costs

Once you have acquired your new car, following the accident caused by drink driving, you will of course need to take out Car insurance, and in your case to keep costs as low as you can, you may have to look at Convicted Driver insurance to see how that could help you. There are a number of options when it comes to insurance, that you can change in order to alter your Convicted Driver insurance policy to get cheaper prices as you look to make sure the cost isn’t too high, and you’ll want to do this if you have a car payment plan in place.


When taking out a Convicted Driver insurance policy you will no doubt be on the hunt for cheaper prices, especially when being quoted by the insurer you had before the accident. In keeping costs down you may be tempted to forgo some of the protection offered by a Comprehensive insurance policy. This isn’t always a good idea, and instead you should think about committing to less mileage and raising your Voluntary Excess. If you can keep your car in a more secure location this can also help, and you may even want to do that if you have a car payment plan. The last thing you’ll want to do is lodge a claim for a stolen vehicle, as this will probably see your insurance rates go up further in future.


One of the best ways to keep costs down, but have a good level of protection from your insurance, is to find an experienced Convicted Driver insurance broker. Finding an insurance broker that specialises in insurance for drink drivers will no doubt benefit you as you look to get back on the road. They will have access to exclusive rates and by contacting a specialist Convicted Driver insurance broker your wallet will no doubt feel the benefit.


We hope you found these top tips for convicted drivers helpful as you look to get back on the road with a Convicted Driver insurance policy. Remember to make sure to keep the protection of a good insurance policy as you could find you benefit from it in the future.